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FootLites Presents:  "Road Trip Across the USA" on Saturday, June 19th at the Fontaine Estates Winery: 151 Rowe Hill Dr. We will feature 5 mini shows with different routines in each show.  

  Tickets : Extra tickets will go on sale in our office on Monday, June 14th at 12:00pm.
                                   UPDATE:  *Show 2 and 3 are SOLD OUT*
  Updated Recital Costume/Hair List : Recital Order_Costume Info.pdf
   What to Expect Short Venue Video:
  Recital Week Schedule : 

Parents: If your dancer is in need of help with costume changes, a parent/guardian is responsible to help their own child. Our staff we be lining kids up, running the show, and working at our snack/merchandise table. 

Dress Rehearsal: 1 parent/guardian per dancer. Our Stage and DJ will be on site, but chairs will NOT be set up for Rehearsal Days due to yard    maintenance in between rehearsals and Show Day. You may bring a chair/blanket.  

*Dress Rehearsal is FULL COSTUME AND HAIR. Dancers DO NOT need to wear makeup for Rehearsals. 

Dress Rehearsal Reminder: 


Show #1 (10am show): Dress Rehearsal Wed. June 16th 4:00pm @ Fontaine

Show #2 (12:15 show) Dress Rehearsal Wed. June 16th 6:30pm @ Fontaine

Show #3 (2:30 show)   Dress Rehearsal Thurs. June 17th 4:00pm @ Fontaine

Show #4 (4:45 show)   Dress Rehearsal Thurs. June 17th 5:30pm @ Fontaine

Show #5 (7:00 show)   Dress Rehearsal Thurs. June 17th 7:00pm@ Fontaine


Recital Day June 19th: 

Show #1 Arrival time 9:30am, Show begins at 10:00am 

Show #2, Arrival time 11:45am, Show begins at 12:15pm  

Show #3, Arrival time 2:00pm, Show begins at 2:30pm  

Show #4, Arrival time, 4:15pm, Show begins at 4:45pm 

Show #5, Arrival time, 6:30pm, Show begins at 7:00pm